One of Spain’s most successful driving school franchise, Autoescuela Gala wants to make a game app for the theoretical exam, to get students directly to the driving lessons.

UX Challenges

The users are usually 18-to-22 year-old youths that are profoundly bored by the theoretical exam curriculum. It is, in fact, the kind of material that is not best learned by understanding, but by repeating over and over the same questions. In Spain, most young people resort to apps and webs that do this exactly: let you do tests -the official questions in the same format as the official exam- over and over, until your error rate is minimum.


Given the user, it was paramount that the game be perceived as somewhat 'cool' and fun, but also keeping present the objective of the game. These users are very driven by the objective of getting their lisence and will not experiment on something that might not be effective.

UX Solutions

The challenge here is how to make it better than other options that allow you to make tests until you're ready for the exam. The idea of making a game came from the client and it was a good start. We decided to go with a well-known format, from a very addictive game: Sugar Crush. The twist - an artificial intelligence that will recover the questions and chapters you are failing most at, and throw them at you once and again, until you remember the answers.

Personally, I do not agree with the story -too nerdy for this profile of users-. But it should not hurt too much, keeping in mind this same profile went through the cheesy storytelling of Candy Crush with no problem.

The user finds himself abducted by aliens that, long story short, make him answer questions about driving. It's a competition, so the user has to drive all through the map until the finish line. The map is divided in levels that are questions in the format of cards.

We wanted to give the user the feeling of competition, so a series of characters will come and go, win and lose and configure an in-app ranking where the user can see his progress. Also, there's a series of stickers that will be added to your car as you unlock goals.

There will be a ranking with your facebook friends also, which you'll be able to see on the map, which always gives the came a more social nature.

There's always the option to access the explanation for a card the user doesn't quite understand, turning your device to landscape mode. Understanding the answer makes it more likely that you remember it next time.